Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on January 27th, 2009

[UPDATE 16 January 2010] IMPORTANT!!! This post continues to be an entry point for people with questions about dual citizenship. (This is the post you should be reading) It is too detailed for that. If you want an overview of who is eligible for dual citizenship in Lithuania via the 1940–1990 loophole or if you […]

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Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on January 27th, 2009

Keeping the core of the Inculto rhythm section intact, Jurgis Didžiulis has added a heavy synth profile for a new band, TWNKL. The sound is very removed from Inculto, which is saying quite a bit, considering how genre-bending Inculto was in Marijos žemės superhitai, an album I still haven’t come around to reviewing here. So […]

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Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on January 21st, 2009

A lot has happened since I posted my review of my friend Karolis’s novel, Finding the Moon in Sugar. Here are a few useful links: Interview with Karolis on A decent interview, it goes into quite a bit of biographical detail. Buy the book from Buy Books on the Web. The novel can be […]

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Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on January 16th, 2009

As I wrote here last year, I was interviewed by Somehow this made me eligible to be chosen as’s Person of the Year. So if you feel like voting for me, click this link and then tick off the stars (yes, you can vote proportionally). Then you can click here to see everyone […]

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Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on January 13th, 2009

Luckily, I’ve had about zero interaction in my life with Lietuvos policija, save ripping off their logo for a t-shirt I designed. I don’t think this video, which I found on the site, will exactly change my mind: This is classic security porn, done up in a fantastic Western way. Especially notable is the […]

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Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on January 6th, 2009

[Disclosure: The author of this novel is a good friend of mine, but he neither solicited this review nor has he seen it before its posting.] The surname “Nowak,” like its Balto-Slavic variants throughout Eastern Europe (“Новотный,” “Nowicki,” “Naujokas,” etc.), was affixed to the newcomer. Where the other villagers would have names based on occupations, […]

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