Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on November 13th, 2010

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There’s a version of this story that makes the following completely obvious, but, all the same, I’m putting Lithchat on hiatus.

When I started the bloggy version of the site, it was still rather difficult to get news about Lithuania in English, and I felt connected to a large network of people who were eager for what I was offering: both occasional, longer thought pieces on certain topics (with a non-trivial amount of research) along with quicker shots across the brow–a collection of recent headlines.

But my interests have unintentionally narrowed somewhat, time has gotten more valuable, and there seem to be only three topics I can get at all excited about writing about here anymore: unconscious anti-Semitism in Lithuania (no news there; it’s still everywhere), dual citizenship (will Grybauskaitė sign the law currently on her desk?), and InCulto (who just released their third album in Ireland!). That kind of attenuation of subject matter is pretty shameful, and there’s no reason for me to keep up the sham of presenting Lithchat as a more in-depth site.

So here are some ways out:

For English-language news about Lithuania, I rely mostly on the portal Alfa English. The content isn’t great, and much of it comes from the Lithuanian Tribune, which has its own idiosyncratic approach to English. Er, Lithuania Tribune (see what I mean?). I also was really excited about Baltic Reports, which moved to a pay model and is now being bought out, so their future is uncertain, but probably promising.

For dual citizenship questions, I suspect that by the time things change drastically, the news outlets will be much more prosperous and obvious, and it’ll be easy to find information. Those of you whose ancestors left Lithuania before 1940 are probably out of luck more or less permanently. There’s reason to hope, but not much political support to undergird your hope. But who knows? If you want to set up a google news alert for “dviguba pilietybė” and then rely on google translate to translate the articles you get, then that should suffice.

For unconscious anti-Semitism and various nationalism-related questions, frankly, it’s all just depressed me too much to keep writing about. I’m lucky to have the option of being able to say such a thing and not have to live with the persistent pressure of the various ways the public face of Lithuania manages to continuously get covered in shit that stinks of not reckoning with your past. I usually fell on to these issues via the regular media, too, so I have no links to add here.

For InCulto, well, they’ve got a website.

This means that the Lithchat Delicious links will also be shuttered (not even providing a URL).

As for me, if you’re eager to follow my ideas, then there’s still my main page of writing, Donkey Hottie. It’s also light traffic, and it rarely has to do with Lithuania, but if you like my style, or something, well…

The archive here will stay indefinitely. But new content is not to be expected. Oh, and I’m closing comments. Thanks for participating, everyone!

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