Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on December 30th, 2008

Today, Ar dar krizė?‘s answer is, “Krizė? Krizė. Krizė!” And it’s about time that the financial crisis started affecting even this low-budget operation over at Lithchat Command. And it has: Alfa English, which I had been pointed to by the editor of, has been shuttered. “Budget concerns,” explains Ieva Barasukaitė, have forced the “indefinite shutdown” beginning in the new year.

This concerns Lithchat, of course, in that Alfa English was routinely the best source to get news about Lithuania quickly and expertly in English. I would often add to Lithchat’s news feed both English and Lithuanian versions of the same article, in fact. Now the standard will return to being the scattershot availability of Baltic Times articles (often squirreled behind subscriber firewalls) or incidental articles that hop up into the sights of my various robots looking for news. Sadly, these robots usually just find business news or heavily filtered weird stories. But we’ll see.

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