Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on March 17th, 2008

ImageAfter the Lithuanian Supreme Court decided that the current laws regarding dual citizenship were unconstitutional (a decision I tacitly supported by not discussing it), the Lithuanian politicians, under pressure from the immense diaspora community (both recent emigrés and soi-disant exiles from the WWII era), decided that they needed to come up with a new system of laws. It is hoped that these laws would be constitutional this time.

So today I read that, in fact, a proposal is going to be making its way to the Seimas rather soon. This proposal splits the pool of possible dual-citizens into six categories:

  1. Presidential exceptions
  2. Political prisoners and deportees, as well as their descendants
  3. Exiles who left Lithuania between 1940 and 1990
  4. Ethnic Lithuanians who live in traditionally Lithuanian lands (Puńsk, etc.)
  5. Children of current Lithuanian citizens born outside of Lithuania
  6. Lithuanian citizens who, living in other nations of the EU, acquire citizenship in the other EU nation.

PLB, unsurprisingly, showed its intense pro-NATO bias by arguing that the sixth group should be changed to include NATO nations. Chairperson Regina Narušienė argues that NATO guarantees the continuity of Lithuania’s indepedence, after all.

It strikes me that not included in the list above is the exception made for all descendants of interwar citizens. So someone like me is out of luck and unable to get dual citizenship. (I suppose I am still eligible to get Lithuanian citizenship and forfeit my US citizenship, though…)

As a result, the news is sort of middling. I can’t loophole my way into an EU passport (on the one hand), but (on the other hand) the committee has clearly shown a concern with the new diaspora coming on the heels of accession. That is, certainly, good to see. So the solution still won’t satisfy the old dypukai sitting on their bags of gold in the suburbs of Chicago, but it does go far in satisfying the actual problems Lithuania currently faces.

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  1. looking from the other end of the periscope, for those people ‘protected by NATO’ :

  2. Nice summery

    Been trying to look into getting my Lith citizenship back and this helps quite a bit.

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