Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on September 8th, 2008
Izvestia’s map of Russophobia.

Izvestia’s map of Russophobia.

Izvestia has thrown together a map of the four different kinds of attitudes towards Russia EU nations display, from Russophobia to Russophilia. I learned about the map from this article on alfa, and have reproduced the map here. You can click on the image to get a bigger version, and the original is, for now, still available from Izvestia.

The four levels of attitude toward Russia are, in my translation:

Fiercest critics of Russia; advocates of sanctions (Baltic States, UK, Sweden…)

Мoderate critics (Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania…)

Centrists (Finland, Austria, Ireland, Spain…)

Moscow’s lobbyists (Germany, France, Italy…)

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