Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on September 16th, 2008 features an interview today with Ainė Ramonaitė, one of the people behind, a website designed to help inform Lithuanian voters about how they should vote. This sort of site is especially useful in a multi-party parliamentary system like the one in Lithuania. Such informative sites tend to be rather useless in a binary system–to this day, I cannot understand how people have a difficult time between choosing between two candidates. It’s like a menu with two items–how hard can it be to decide which you want to eat?

In any case, features a great multi-dimensional political quiz (in which you rate not only your position on an issue, but also the issue’s importance to you). The questions also have little popups that provide short arguments for and against, which is rather useful if you’re having trouble understanding the question on purely language grounds. The quiz then spits out how much the various parties match your answers, so you can base your votes accordingly.

The site brags about providing a “rational” system for deciding how to vote, which, in a day and age where Sarah Palin can energize a segment of the voting public, may not be, properly speaking, a particularly effective means of gauging political sensibility (for more, see Tom Frank’s What’s the Matter with Kansas?). Still, the second dimension, which measures an issue’s importance, can help inject some emotion into the proceedings.

Not being very conversant with the individual movers and shakers in Lithuania, I’m not entirely certain how to evaluate my own performance on the quiz, though I’m surprised that Už teisingą Lietuvą is at the top. I suspect myself of being more of a Frontas kind of guy, but who knows with whom I’d throw in if I actually lived in Lithuania and was a citizen. Nevertheless, here are the highlights of my results:

How do you compare?

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